About us

About us

The leading partner to the Nordic industry regarding production equipment, process expertise, tools and aftermarket.

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About us

Ravema is a leading partner to the Nordic industry, offering complete solutions in production equipment, tools, measurement technology, automation, the market’s most comprehensive service, and aftermarket. We envision our role in the future as an integral part of the industry’s increased productivity. Our goal is to create value for our customers, employees, and for the society we operate in. We achieve this through our expertise, partnerships, and comprehensive solutions in collaboration with our leading suppliers. This value contributes to the industry’s future competitiveness.

Ravema is present in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Our headquarters are located in Värnamo in central Småland, where our unique Innovation Center is also situated. The Innovation Center features exhibitions of new products and year-round demonstrations. In Norway, we have an office in Drammen, as well as a demo center outside Stavanger. In Finland, our main address is in Tampere.

Our history


Svenska Maskinaffären is founded

Entrepreneur Niklasson founds Svenska Maskinaffären, initially focusing och car and bicycle sales.


Svenska Maskinaffären gets a new owner

Svenska Maskinaffären is sold, and the new owner had a clear goal: to become a reliable partner with the latest products.


50th Anniversary

The company celebrates its 50th year, and in connection with the anniversary, a new product catalog was launched. This time focusing on the important product area of machinery for the industry.


Japan comes to Värnamo

In the 1970s, Svenska Maskinfabriken becomes the general agent for the Japanese company Mazak. The company grew and built new facilities in the Margretelund industrial area in Värnamo – the same address where the company is located today.


A new name emerges

During the early 1980s, a new name started appearing in documents and brochures – RAVEMA. In 1985, it became official – Ravema was here to stay.


Ravema becomes part of Liljedahl Group

The 90s was eventul for Ravema when the company becomes a part of Liljedahl Group and also expands into the Norwegian market.


New partnership with Hoffmann Group

In the early 2000s, Ravema enhances its competitiveness with a new partnership together with German Hoffmann Group, gaining access to an extensive range of tools.


The leading partner to the Nordic industry

What once started with bicycle sales has now evolved into Ravema being one of the leading industrial partners in the Nordic region when it comes to machinery for manufacturing, tools, automation, and service.

Sustainability Report

By continuously developing and strengthening our sustainability work, we generate value for our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Contributing to the development of a more sustainable society is an important part of our long-term strategy and will generate more business opportunities for Pronect – which is a group of independent companies – Ravema, PLM Group och Din Maskin.

Our values

Our core values and code of conduct are guidelines for how we behave within Ravema. It is built upon our culture and values and demonstrates how they are connected to our daily work. With these, we rely on each employee’s own ability to act ethically and fairly in their roles, to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism in their interactions with each other, our customers, and our partners. This is what we commonly refer to as common sense.

Our important core values that we also work by are:


We listen, we keep our promises, and we are transparent.


We take responsibility, take action, and drive forward.


We have the long-term best interests in mind.