Ravema offers a comprehensive concept, and our skilled service team is always close to you. Our service technicians are experienced, highly competent, and knowledgeable within our product segment. In case of any operational issues, we will quickly be on-site to assist you.

Emergency service / Spares / Installation / Preventive maintenance / Moving & logistics / Complementary products

Service & after-sales

We are never far away!

Our experienced service team is always close to you. We have approximately 50 technicians located throughout Sweden and Norway to ensure that we are where our customers are. With the latest knowledge of new machines and solid experience with older machines, we quickly assist you in case of any operational issues. We also offer turnkey concepts when purchasing machines from us.

Our after-sales department makes owning your machine easier!

We offer service educations with various specializations tailored to your needs. Our customer service team provides technical support and offers a wide range of complementary production equipment.

Emergency Service

Our 24h emergency service means that we strive to be with you within 24 hours after reporting a stop. Our support is open between 07.30-16.00, but we also have an emergency phone between 16.00-22.00 Monday-Thursday. You can reach us at +46 370 489 28 or at


In case of machine downtime, it is important to quickly find the right spare parts. Ravema orders directly from Mazak’s spare parts warehouse in Leuven, located outside Brussels. They have 35,000 different part numbers always in stock, and orders are processed 365 days a year. Our goal is to have your spare part delivered the next day, and 97% of all spare parts are shipped the same day.

In addition to the European spare parts warehouse, we also have the support of the spare parts warehouse in Japan, which holds over 50,000 items in stock for more than 1,500 different machine models.

Take a look into Mazak EPC – Spare parts center


We are with you from the start.

Ravema has around 40 service technicians spread across the country to quickly be on-site for installations, warranty service, and preventive maintenance.

We know your machines.

Our service technicians receive ongoing training from our suppliers according to a set schedule. This means that we are familiar with the latest machine updates while also taking care of your existing machines and installations of used machines.

We have the complete package.

  • We place the machine in the designated position.
  • We install the machine.
  • Quality assurance.

Preventive maintenance

Production Security with Increased Profitability
With planned downtime, you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. By implementing preventive maintenance, you keep your machines in top condition and avoid time-consuming and costly machine breakdowns. We have a large number of specialized technicians located throughout the country who exclusively focus on preventive maintenance. Additionally, if you sign a service agreement with us, we will keep track of when service needs to be performed, allowing you to confidently focus on what you do best – using the machines.

We are ISO-certified and use calibrated equipment

  • We know your machines and understand their performance capabilities.
  • We keep track of when it’s time for maintenance.
  • You can choose the exact day for service.
  • You receive documentation of the work performed.

Ravema Smart Maintenance

Keep track of your preventive maintenance with our user-friendly software that allows you to monitor any deviations and maintain high quality in your maintenance work.

Moving & logistics

If you need to move your machines, we have a dedicated team to assist you – whether it’s a single machine or an entire industrial setup, we have solutions for it all. Our experienced and skilled technicians have extensive knowledge and expertise in planning and executing the work to ensure a fast relocation and minimize machine downtime. With the support of some of the country’s best and most experienced crane truck operators, as well as our specialized equipment, we can safely and securely move your machines.

Complementary products

We strive to provide you with complete solutions that give you even more competitiveness. Complementary products are often overlooked, even though they can often be key products to improve the work environment and facilitate ongoing maintenance.

We collaborate with market-leading suppliers offering products that meet all the needs of your company. Below you will find a few of these suppliers.