Ravema Tooling consists of approximately 30 employees who assist you with quality tools and industrial supplies in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Our competent staff is spread throughout the countries to assist you with technical calculations for your needs. Ravema is the general agent for Hoffmann Group – Europe's leading provider of quality tools, with over 500,000 listed items.

Solid tools

Ravema’s comprehensive range of solid tools includes tools for most applications in drilling, milling, threading, thread milling, and broaching.

Measurement technology

We have extensive experience in metrology and offer a complete range of measuring tools for a variety of applications.

Clamping and tool holders

Our program for clamping and fixturing contains everything that the customer is looking for. Whether you are looking for standard or custom solutions, our skilled staff will assist you in finding the right solution.

Indexable turning tools

Ravema’s comprehensive program for indexible inserts and tools covers all types of turning, milling and drilling operations.

Hand tools

Together with Hoffmann Group, we offer a wide range of quality tools for all needs and industries.

Workstations and storage

We create a good work environment and make the workdays run smoothly.

Personal protective equipment

Ravema offers protection and safety for your employees in workplaces across all types of industries. We provide personal protective equipment that offers optimal protection with user-friendly design.

Factory equipment

A wide range of various products for many different needs within the industry sector.


Ravema offers presetters from the Italian company Elbo Controlli NIKKEN, which has one of the widest ranges of presetters on the market and is an important cornerstone in Ravema’s product program.

Power tools and pneumatic tools

A strong product range with many strong suppliers.

Chemical-technical products

A range of lubricants, cleaning agents, and protective materials is complemented by adhesives and other types of sealing materials.

Grinding and cutting

Within the product category of grinding and cutting, we at Ravema collaborate with some of the absolute best suppliers in the industry.