We have extensive knowledge and experience to assist you in finding customized and cost-effective solutions with high-quality robots and user-friendly control systems. We are more than happy to guide you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have.

Robot solutions

6-axis robots
Likely, we have all seen a classic robot arm that picks up and places components in and out of a machine. This is what we refer to as 6-axis robots. These robots provide greater flexibility as they work with more axes, have a larger working range, allows for easy programming, and offer collaborative capabilities.

Erowa pallet handling
Your machines generate money when they are active. Therefore, they should operate as many hours of the day as possible. Erowa is a pallet handling system designed for your 5-axis machines.

Mazak Automation

Ravema Smart Automation

Ravema Smart Automation HMI is the solution for fast and easy robot programming integrated into Mazak Smooth.

GL-Robot (Gantry Loader)

Portal robots are highly efficieny systems that effeciently load and unload materials and components in and out of the machine.

Multi Pallet Pool (MPP)

An easy entry point into automation that provides significant efficiency and enables unmanned operations for extended periods of time.

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is flexible automation systems that are compatible with all horizontal Mazak machines, as well as customized versions for our 5-axis machines.


With the help of a tool transportation system, multiple machines can share the tools used during the machining process.

Laser FMS

For Mazak’s laser machines, there are various solutions available depending on whether you prefer and expandable solution or a compact solution that occupies minimal space.

Bar feeders

A bar feeder enables unmanned operations for your Mazak lathes.


Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) develops user-friendly, flexible, and safe robots that help businesses increase efficiency. The autonomous robots are a completely new generation of mobile robots that navigate safely, easily, and fully automated in your environment.

ROEQ (Robotic equipment) offers add-on solutions for MiR’s autonomous robots. Customize your internal transportation and streamline your processes with innovative, quickly installed, and easy-to-handle standard solutions.