Mazak is one of the world's largest manufacturers of professional machines, and is Ravema's most important partner. Our shared history spans 50 years, making Ravema a highly competent and experienced partner for our customers. Our goal is to be a comprehensive supplier of solutions for the industry, offering machine tools, automation solutions, tools, and industrial supplies. We are currently the market leader in Sweden and Norway.


The world’s largest manufacturer of advanced professional machines with a focus on design, high quality, ergonomics, and high-tech solutions.

Control systems/

Ravema offers different control systems and softwares, for example Mazatrol.

AM/Hybrid machines & boring mills

Ravema offers a variety of specialized machines for the machining industry.


Multi-tasking machines

Mazak’s multi-tasking machines have revolutionized manufacturing and play a crucial role in today’s increasingly smarter factories. Mazak continues to lead the technology in the DONE-IN-ONE approach, which means going from raw material to finished end component in a single machine.

Vertical multi-tasking machines

Vertical machining, also known as milling, processes the workpiece using rotating tools that progressively remove material.

Horizontal multi-tasking machines

Horizontal machining, also known as milling, processes the workpiece using rotating tools that progressively remove material.

Laser machines

Yamazaki Mazak started manufacturing laser cutting machines as early as the 1980s. Since then, the focus has been on producing the most technologically advanced machines available on the market.

CNC lathes

Turning is a machining process used to create cylindrical-shaped details, where the cutting tool moves in a linear path while the workpiece rotates.

Control systems/softwares

Mazatrol, the world’s first conversational programming control system, was launched as early as 1981. In 1998, Mazatrol was introduced to the personal computer, forming the foundation for unparalleled efficiency. Today, a range of intelligent features is offered for increased productivity and user-friendly operation.

Mazak Smooth Technology has revolutionized the way our machines perform. By handling the entire spectrum – from programming and metal removal, to automation and data collection. This seamless platform provides you with world-class speed, precision and functionality.

AM/Hybrid machines & boring mills

Boring mills

We offer boring mills from the Italian manufacturer PAMA, which has specialized in the technology surrounding high-tech and user-friendly boring mills since 1926.

AM/Hybrid machines

Hybrid machines combine the best of production technology and additive manufacturing. Mazak also incorporates 3D printing technologies into its multi-tasking machines.